To have Ben as a guest at your event or conference, please contact his event manager Mike Roberts. DO NOT use Mike Robert’s email address to contact Ben about an interview request, a television show, or ask Ben questions.  Mike does not handle these matters and he will not respond.  For consideration to hire Ben for television hosting, TV/Film Technical Advising, or consultation, please contact his talent agency A3 Artists Agency using the phone number above.  A3 only represents Ben for TV, commercial, and documentary projects.  They do not handle live event appearances or interview requests.

To reach Ben for questions or comments related to a TV show that he hosts or produces, please use the Twitter and Facebook links provided on the top title bar of every page of this website.  Ben makes an effort to try and respond to every person who messages him, but please understand that with other business and family obligations he has limited time, especially while filming.  Responses to frequent messages regarding non-show related topics may be delayed or may not get a response.

Requests for radio, Internet, or TV interviews should be made through the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram links.  When Ben is currently filming, all of these interview requests must also be approved by the Discovery Channel communications staff.  If approved (except for unique exceptions) Ben’s busy schedule and family life only permit him to give radio or phone interviews lasting a maximum of 30 minutes and no more than one scheduled interview per week.  This 30 minute time limit includes time used for show introductions, finishing with other guests, and delays caused by technical problems.

Ben tries to accommodate professional interview requests because of the value he places on remaining accessible to followers and those interested in the specific subjects he researches.  Please respect Ben’s time by understanding that he is not monetarily compensated by radio and Internet interviews and he schedules his activities specifically around your requested time slot when requests are granted.