I really resist using the binary terms “believer” and “skeptic” because it implies that someone is either all in one camp or the other.  Any study that uses science and reason in its methodology and tries to balance it with experiential evidence should have a healthy dose of skepticism.  That’s why I say people should always be “skeptical”, but have an open mind.  I don’t see myself perhaps as a “skeptic” in the popular sense of the term.  I also don’t see my role as needing to “debunk” claims either.  I like to think of it more as “verifying”.  You should always investigate your own experiences before you present them to others for peer review.  If you truly want to know the reality of an event- and not just use it to support a predetermined conclusion- then why would you not?

When I witness an extraordinary event (which I’ve seen many), I don’t stretch my possible explanations of that event to be more extraordinary than the event itself.  For example, I once witnessed with my wife a silent, black triangle object fly at an incredible speed over our heads.  There is no use trying to convince me it was a meteor, a helicopter, a Chinese lantern, a laser projection, etc.  That would be ludicrous to suggest.  At the close distance I saw it, I can definitely say it was at the very least, a non-conventional aircraft of some sort.  But I also won’t tell you it was alien technology.  I really respect people who can stick to the facts.  If they speculate, they also readily admit they are speculating.  I can’t tell you who or what was inside the craft flying it or if anyone was inside.  But I can tell you what it looked like, how it appeared transparent on the bottom, how fast it was probably going, and how big it probably was.  Does that make me anymore of a “believer” in extraterrestrial life?  Well, I see it more a matter of probabilities and percentages.  That’s how science works.  Since practically every scientific theory has been majorly overhauled several times over the centuries, I don’t think anyone who is being intellectually honest can say that we 100% have the answers to these mysteries yet.  If I take into account all of the documented evidence and my personal experiences, I would probably give you a 95% chance that we’ve already been visited from life on other worlds.  As far as my belief in life after death, I’d place that at 99.99%.