Unfortunately, most TV networks don’t provide their hosts with photos, postage, or the means to offer free printed material to followers.  With the number of requests and all of the costs coming out-of-pocket, the expense can add up quickly.  If you’re at an event I’m attending, come say hi and I’d love to take a photo with you or sign anything you provide free of charge.  I often have printed photos for sale at those events as well.  Unfortunately, at this time I don’t have any sales and shipping method set up to have followers submit photos for signing or to purchase online.  I hope to find a solution for such requests soon.

As far as TV show memorabilia at this time, the networks don’t have DVDs of the shows I’ve hosted or other officially branded clothing or products.  For several years I’ve been in the process of writing my first book.  When and if that is completed, the book will be available for online purchase.