I received word that a production company was looking to create a paranormal show.  When I was introduced to the production, I had a group of friends I’d known for quite a while who had investigated with me as part of a rather informal paranormal group.  We all sat down and started discussing ideas of what types of paranormal shows were currently on TV and what types of things we felt were missing from those shows.  From those brainstorming sessions, we narrowed our focus to looking at alleged paranormal videos and photos.  Our goal was to bring new and cross-over technology to the field in an effort to sift through the merits of a case, utilizing a more methodical process than had been done previously on TV.   My father contributed greatly to the concept of using viral videos to weigh the claims of evidence people were making.  Simultaneously, Bill Murphy (my cohost lead) was working with his wife Anita on the angle of replicating the videos and photos through different experiments.  The production company put the final written treatment together and pitched it to the Syfy network.  After about a year from our first meeting, the show was green lit by network and we were filming!