Ghosts of Morgan City is really a continuation or spin-off from a hit TV show called Ghosts of Shepherdstown that aired for two seasons on Destination American in the U.S.  The show was hosted by a good friend of mine, Nick Groff (most well known for his role in creating and hosting Ghost Adventurers).  In 2017, I made a guest appearance on Ghosts of Shepherdstown with Nick and his crew and I really loved the concept of working with local police departments to help solve the cases in which they felt they didn’t have expertise.  Nick and his team did such a good job assisting the small West Virginia community that word spread to other rural police departments.  In fact, the way I understand it, Chief King became neighbors with a former police chief from Morgan City, Louisiana and a discussion started as to how a paranormal team might be able to help them with unusual cases in a similar way.  The current police chief and mayor in Morgan City were connected to Jereme Leonard (our local paranormal expert) and to the TV production company.  Because it looked like the paranormal activity had subsided in Shepherdstown, the decision was made to take the next season to Louisiana.

I was brought in as part of the new team through discussions with the production company and Jereme.  Jereme and I had been connected for a few years to each other via social media.  He consulted with me on previous paranormal matters so I was eager to hear what he had to say about the problems St. Mary Parish was experiencing.  I actually met Sarah Lemos (our psychic medium) on a cruise ship.  I had been invited to lecture and attend a “Ghost Cruise” on a Norwegian Cruise Line excursion to the Mediterranean.  Sarah was one of the other speakers doing workshops at the event.  I had never before had a psychic reading, but was open to the idea that some people have legitimate gifts.  Sarah demonstrated her skills and told me things about my grandfather that would have been very difficult to fabricate if you didn’t know him.  I was so impressed that I recommended Sarah to the production company as my choice.  I knew I could trust her instincts and that her insight would be very valuable to our investigations.  In the same way that Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Bill Hartley did an excellent job in forging a successful relationship with the Shepherdstown PD and community, my team in Morgan City has made lifelong friendships and hopefully improved the lives of those who were experiencing often scary and traumatic events.