Ironically, I don’t watch much TV at all even though I work in the industry.  I’m creating so many side businesses and TV concepts that I just can’t find the time.  When I do have a few hours, I like to spend it doing proactive things with my family which rarely involves sitting on the couch.  I probably watch a total of about 30 minutes per month and currently don’t have cable service.  Sorry, I’m not a gamer either.  I loved video games when I was in junior high, but I haven’t played since.  On of my key pieces of advice to people if they want to accomplish their goals is to limit themselves to a max of two television or online shows at a time and no more.  Everyone deserves some time everyday to unwind.  Everybody’s different in the way they use entertainment to relieve stress so I try not to criticize them for that.  I do however find a huge problem in that the average American spends 11 hours per day consuming media (TV, social media, music, surfing the web, etc.).  Incredible!  It’s no wonder we’re losing our people skills and feeling isolated from each other.  Use media to inspire you in small doses, then go live your life in the 1st person and not as a spectator!

Back to the original question… my favorite TV shows have been The X Files (the reboot is good too), 24Designated Survivor, and a slight addiction to The Walking Dead, until it turned really violent and I missed several episodes and got behind.  For movies, I love action/adventure like James Bond, the Fugitive, and Mission Impossible genre types of shows.  I also love inspirational dramas, survival stories like Cast Away and Unbroken.  The first movie I ever remember seeing in a theater was E.T.