Grades were always really important to me.  I was a good student, but a little on the nerdy side.  I was very interested in science, electronics, and reading informational books far more than novels.  My bachelor’s degree in college was Sociology with a certification in Criminology and Corrections, an emphasis in Abnormal Psychology, and a Spanish minor.  I absolutely love learning and studying new material, especially if it means getting certified in something.  I don’t often read novels or anything for pure entertainment purposes because I can’t find the time.  At any given moment, I’m probably reading four different books for informational motives (biographies, human psychology, historic events, career manuals, etc.).  Because of the amount of reading I do, I took a certification course in speed reading to absorb material more quickly.  On a good day, I average about 800 wpm (words per minute), whereas before I started the course I was reading at a dismal  250 wpm.  If you’re interested in some of the books I’ve read, check out my Goodreads profile HERE.

I love studying languages too.  I lived in Chile for a few years and became fluent in Spanish.  Then I lived in Australia for a year and became fluent in Australian.  I’m currently studying Italian.  Once I become semi-fluent in that language, I’ll go back to studying Greek so I can communicate with my relatives in Athens when I visit.  I need to be able to tell them, “I can’t eat another bite of your delicious food or I’ll explode.”