I have lots of different investigations that are my favorites for different reasons.  One of the most perplexing cases was on Fact or Faked and was called the “UK Disappearing Woman”.  We had a video of a woman who seemingly disappears from her bed for 13 minutes, almost dissolving into her mattress.  I also get lots of questions and comments about the “Fresno Nightcrawler” case on the same series where the video depicts strange creatures walking across a family’s front lawn.  Although I was not with the team on that case, I feel that if it were hoaxed, the home owner had to be in on it.  He didn’t seem to fit a typical hoaxer profile.  If it wasn’t CGI, then the man recorded some extremely bizarre phenomena.

On Ghosts of Morgan City, we captured an amazing video from our surveillance IR camera as I was watching the live feed.  It appears that a full body apparition walks across a doorway in the old plantation home we were investigating.  Unless there was an illusion of transparency caused by the motion blur of a real person who had inadvertently entered the home without our knowledge, then we undoubtedly captured extraordinary evidence.

I also have favorite investigations because they were my first time witnessing a strange event.  For example, the “Indiana Graveyard Caretaker” case was the first time I witnessed what was a truly convincing event of object manipulation.  I’m still searching for a plausible alternative explanation, but I saw right in front of me a pile of leaves depress in the shape of a footprint.