When I was younger, I actually thought I would probably work for the same employer my whole career.  That’s how it was for my father, my grandfather, and probably his father.  It’s interesting how times have now changed.  The average American switches careers 5-7 times in their lifetime- that’s “careers”, not just jobs.  It’s predicted that today’s average young adult will have between 12 to 15 different jobs in their life time.  I think I’m probably well over that amount already and I’ve come to learn that it’s the new normal.  I just have too many things I want to do in life and ways I want to grow that I don’t know if I’ll ever work for just one employer again.

My formal education mostly prepared me for investigative work.  I worked for several investigative agencies, both public and private, but the FBI was one of the last and perhaps the most well-known of my former employers and therefore the one most cited when referring to my background.  While every bureaucracy has their problems, overall I found my experience to be enjoyable and I worked with some incredible people.  When I left employment with the government, I left the door open to go back to the FBI or another law enforcement agency and have had a few offers over the years.  I’ve always had a passion for serving in the public sector and using my skills to put away criminals, but I’ve also always wanted to be able to explore the mysteries that held my attention since I was a child.  Not many people are lucky enough to be able to go on adventures and get paid to do it.  Although I had no real TV or film experience, the opportunity to host a TV show on the paranormal subject was presented to me and I went for it to try it out!  My TV interests since then have expanded to include any concept that involves adventure and learning something along the way.